Corrective exercise is a targeted workout program designed to help you address imbalances that can lead to aches, pains, and even injury.

By far the majority of the clients that I have worked with have come in with the goal of losing weight. But they all share another common trait. They just don’t move well or they have lots of aches and pains. These issues make it difficult for them to perform even the most basic exercises. It severely limits their ability to exercise on their own and also leads to cancelled sessions, which doesn’t do them any good at all.

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So I started to research how to address these issues and I came across the idea of corrective exercise. Corrective exercise is all about addressing what we call muscle imbalances with the goal of reducing aches and pains and getting the body to function as it was originally designed. Through a series of assessments we begin to understand what’s going on in the body in order to design a program with the appropriate exercises. Remember the song “ankle bone connected to the shin bone, shin bone connected to the knee bone, etc.”? Same idea. Issues with your ankles and feet may be contributing to your lower back pain.

Now these imbalances that lead to aches and pains can be from past injuries or just from our lifestyle.
Ask yourself if you experience low back pain. Now ask yourself how much you sit throughout any given day. Chances are the two are connected.

If you’ve had difficulty exercising due to your aches/pains or you just want to feel better throughout the day, corrective exercise might be the solution for you.

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