What is a Walking Group?
It’s pretty much just like it sounds, we’re a group of health-conscious folks that walk together.  It’s not a bootcamp, just a walk.

Why Should You Join a Walking Group?
A walking group is a great way to either start an exercise program or to just get out, get some fresh air, and meet some great people.

Who Leads the Walking Group?
The walking group is led by Gene Szpiech, a Certified Personal Trainer.

Where Does the Walking Group Meet?
We meet at Simple Organics, a wellness store in downtown Oxford.  The Simply Walking Group was actually created by Dr. Troy Farwell.

Where Does the Group Walk?
We start in downtown Oxford and walk through the neighborhoods over to the Polly Ann Trail.  If you haven’t been on the trail, it’s time to take advantage of this wonderful Oxford attraction.  We vary the route so that you can enjoy all of downtown Oxford.

How Far Does the Group Walk?
Walks are about 1 hour which equates to about 3.5 miles.  But don’t freak out, if you can’t go that long or that far we will take you back at any time.  And everyone walks at their own pace.  It’s not a race!

What Kind of Weather Does the Group Walk in?
We try to go year round. But the walk will be cancelled if there is lightning in the area or too much snow/ice in the winter.  There is an email distribution list for announcements.

Who Should Come to the Walk?
EVERYONE!  If you’re overweight or just don’t move well we encourage you to come out.  Or if you enjoy walking but don’t have anyone to go with you’ll find some great conversation with us.  We are an accepting group that will accommodate everyone.  You never have to be embarrassed or worried about slowing the group down.

Every Tuesday/Thursday
8:30 am

Simple Organics
111 S. Washington
Oxford, MI  48371



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