Welcome to Body Engineerz Fitness!

Body Engineerz Fitness was developed with the goal of providing you with services designed to help you move and feel better through one-on-one assessment of body alignment and mechanics.  Each body has a different story of how it got to the point it is currently at.  Let us help you unravel the pieces and help your body Feel Better, Move Better and Perform at a Higher Level!!!

Feel Healthy and Stronger Everyday with Less Pain

Body Engineerz Fitness offers a variety of specialty services to help you find what will be the most beneficial course of treatment for your body.

Structural Integration is a specialized bodywork technique that focuses on realigning fascial planes of the body to promote increased efficiency of how the body moves normally with daily activities decreasing stress to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Foundation Training is a postural reeducation and movement program designed to restore the body’s natural posture and movement patterns.  Training is provided in 1-on-1 or group class formats. View Calendar

Rehabilitation of injury through Physical Therapy services

Bodywork Techniques –  Specialized techniques including Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Fascial Massage