Truth be told, I’ve never been a big fan of quick weight loss transformation programs.  I generally view them as a scam or just plain dangerous.

But I must admit, the 10-Day Transformation program is the real deal.  It’s safe and effective.  I never recommend products or programs that I haven’t researched and tried.  And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of things over the years!

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The method behind the program is similar to fasting. It is a reduced calorie plan, under 600/day, that uses high nutrient, low calorie superfoods to provide your body with the the essential nutrients that it needs to function.

Our bodies are natural fat-burning, energy producing, self-healing machines. We screw it up with all of the junk that we eat. So much of our diet these days is made up of cheap, low-quality, artificial food that our bodies are just not designed to process. We also miss out on the essential nutrients that we need. So what happens? We gain weight, have no energy, and we get sick all of the time.

What were to happen if you put pudding in your car’s gas tank? Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. You won’t be going very far because cars aren’t designed to run on pudding.

This program will allow your body to rest and reset. And while your body is resting, you can really start to work on how you’re going to provide it with better fuel when you’re done with the 10 days.

These results below are based on the personal experiences of my wife and I. We are not medical professionals and therefore we make no medical claims about these products. Your experience and results may vary.

When looking at a plan like this, there are 3 questions that I ask:

– How will I Feel?
– How Effective is it?
– How Difficult is it to follow?


  • Lose 5-20 lbs in 10 days
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Burn fat while maintaining/building muscle
  • Help you break your addiction to sugars and processed foods

Key Features

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • No artificial flavors
  • No sweeteners
  • No stimulants

The program consists of a shake and some supplements.  Click on each link to read more about each product.

Power Shake(3x/day) – Just a powder that mixes with water in a shaker bottle.
Amino Acids (3x/day) – It’s in a pill format (not horse-sized).
Electrolytes (3x/day) – Aids in hydration.
Fiber(1x/day) – Aids in elimination.
Tart Cherry (1x/day) – Just a liquid concentrate that mixes with water.

You don’t have to eat any other food. If necessary, you may have a small amount of RAW fruits or vegetables.

Everyone’s experience will vary.  For us personally we did not experience any negative effects at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how good we felt overall.

– No Starvation (not even first thing after waking up)
– No Jitters
– No Digestive Issues
– No Light-headedness/Dizziness
– No Edginess (no more than usual anyways)
– Decent Energy Levels

Now that being said, we were fairly “clean” eaters going into it. What we’ve seen with folks that do a lot of sugars, caffeine, and processed foods is a slight headache the first couple of days and they felt a bit rundown. Drinking some hot water w/lemon throughout the day may help the headaches. By the 3rd or 4th day the headaches subside and the energy levels jump, higher than before they started the program! So, stick with it, it’ll be worth it!

We shed a significant # of lbs., reduced our body fat, and shrank our waists, all without feeling like we got hit with some new super plague. It’s pretty tough to complain about that. These were our overall losses:

Gene Dawn
Weight 11.8 lbs. 6.4 lbs
Bodyfat 1% 2.5%
Waist 1.5 in. 2.5 in.

And here are just few results from some of the others that have been through the plan:

Weight Lost (lbs.)

It could not have been easier. There is a schedule that defines the times of the day to take the 3 different components listed above. All you need is water and a shaker bottle. So it doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work, or on the road, you can do it.

And the bonus part:
– No Cooking!
– No Dishes!
– No Grocery Shopping!
– No Reading Labels or Counting Points!

Ah…so we’re finally back on solid food. We eased our way back into it, regular protein shake, salad, soups, etc. So we’re feeling pretty good, I think more energy than before we started. I’ve been able to dial my workouts back up, I feel leaner, clothes are looser, and people that didn’t know what I was doing asked if I had lost weight!

There are some other great options to use after the program to keep losing weight or to maintain:

20-Day Plan: This is an alternating fast where you do 1 day of this program, 1 day of food, 1 day of this program, and so on. It can be done as a way to ease back into food while still losing weight or to maintain the weight lost during the 10 days.

5-Day Plan: Use this full program 5 days every month. We’ve done this a couple of times and it really helped us get through the Holidays.

There are other shakes that can be used as meal replacements 1x/day for continuing to lose weight or to maintain.

So we can talk about what is the right path for you based on your goals.

So I give this plan an A+ across the board. And I don’t say that lightly. Going in to this I was pretty excited, but also a little apprehensive. No food for 10 days? Sounds crazy, right? Especially for someone like me that enjoys a good meal and has higher caloric needs than less active people.

We did incorporate an apple or a small bowl of berries here and there. Mostly just to get a little flavor and to have something to chew without adding a bunch of calories.

The first couple of days were the most challenging, which I really think was more psychological than anything. But once we were into it and started seeing the results it becomes much easier to keep going. Really the only thing that we watched was our activity level. In essence we paced ourselves by doing shorter bursts for our workouts, doing yard work, etc.

Now as you go through the program, it’s also important to review your eating habits so that you don’t finish it and go right back to the bad stuff. You should be feeling good enough that hitting the drive-thru won’t even appeal to you. After all, why go through the work just to throw it all away?

So why did we do this? Everyone said “You guys don’t look like you need to lose any weight”. Thank you for that. Bottom line, I would never recommend something like this to a client or friends and family without trying it first. I’m fairly conservative in my approach and I believe that a weight loss program should not create adverse effects. Why look good if you feel like hell? I’m happy to report that this program is in line with my philosophical views.

So if you want to drop some weight in a short amount of time, reset your metabolism, break your addiction to sugar and processed foods, I believe that this is the route to go.

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