“After 6+ years of experiencing Dawn’s exceptional skills in Rolfing, Craniosacral, Reflexology and Massage, I trust her intuitive and knowledgeable care implicitly.  She has helped me through trauma,serious physical injury and currently is helping me with bodywork treatments to my head and neck while I am going through the process of having braces on my teeth at age 72.  Having been Rolfed for the first time by an original student of Ida Rolf herself, I can testify to Dawn’s knowledge and exceptional skill in a more traditional Rolfing approach.  Her gentle approach with my Craniosacral treatments have been very supportive and her massage techniques get into my troubled areas providing long term benefits. Words fail to express my deep appreciation for her dedicated care over these past years and she is a very valued part of my on going desire to grow older with grace.”

– Linda

“After experiencing a near fatal auto accident and a multiple myeloma cancer diagnosis,  I’ve tried several therapies to relieve constant back and neck pain:  chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy,  SI joint injections, facet rhizotomies and pain pills.  Although each technique provided temporary relief, Dawn’s extensive knowledge in body mechanics and rolfing has brought about more significant, long-lasting pain relief (and mobility) than any other method.

Dawn is one of the hardest working and most knowledgeable people in her field.  She is dedicated to her craft and goes above and beyond expectations to get positive results for her clients.  Thank you, Dawn, for all the positive results you’ve shared with me.”

– Michael D.

“Even at age 64, my posture and body alignment continue to improve due to Dawn’s rolfing skills, cranial sacral massage and suggested stretches which I do each day.  All of these techniques really make a difference in keeping me feeling more limber and balanced as my body ages .  Seeing my husband in less pain and with greater  mobility is a blessing beyond measure and we feel very fortunate to have Dawn in our lives–as a friend and medical professional.”

– Jan D.

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PTA, MT, AT-Retired, Level 2 Certified Foundation Training Instructor

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