Massage therapy is no longer thought of as a luxury or a treat that you do occasionally.  It should be considered and important part of helping keep your body at its best functional ability to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Fascia, which is known as connective tissue, is one continuous structure that attaches from head to toe without interruption.  Trauma or restriction to this fascial network can cause pain or dysfunction in another area of the body.  In a healthy state, your fascia is relaxed and can stretch and move without restriction.  When your body has experienced physical trauma, scarring, inflammation and repetitive motion damage, the fascia looses its pliability.  It becomes tight and restricted which can cause a variety of aches, pain or loss of mobility and function in your body.

Body Engineerz Fitness focuses on specific fascial therapeutic massage techniques that address imbalances in this fascial network to help promote normal muscle and fascial function.  Deep tissue fascial massage techniques, scar adhesion release, prenatal fascial release, post mastectomy scar release, and sports massage are some of the techniques that are offered.

At your session, your therapist will discuss what type of issues you are experiencing in your body and then recommend what type of fascial massage technique(s) will benefit you the most.

For more information on specific techniques see below.

• Decreases muscle tension and spasms
• More specific for deeper pain relief
• Decreases adhesions of scar tissue
• Good for chronic and over use problems

Deeper pressure massage therapy with the focus of getting into specific regions of the deeper layers of the connective tissue to release chronic muscle tension helping to decrease pain levels, improve mobility, lengthen connective and muscle tissue to give more long term pain relief.

• Improves alignment decreasing stress to low back
• Decreases neck, mid-back, hip pain and headaches
• Decreases swelling in legs and feet
• Improve sleep quality
• Decreases stretch marks

Prenatal fascial massage therapy is done to help improve alignment of the pelvis and torso during the pregnancy stages helping to decrease various aches and pains that develop in the body as the pregnancy continues. Better alignment and decreased tissue tension as the abdomen grows will increase space available for the baby to grow as well as decrease the amount of stretch marks which can develop.

Due to some women having complicated pregnancy’s a doctors approval for massage is required.

Scar adhesions occur after any type of surgical procedure as well as different types of injuries.  Scar adhesions can be painful and affect not only the region of the scar but the surrounding areas of attachment.  Fascial Scar Release focuses on releasing scar adhesions so there is better movement between the skin and top layer of connective tissue decreasing pulling restrictions to the surrounding area. For women preparing for reconstructive surgery and are using spacers while waiting for surgery fascial scar release can decrease pain and increase ease during the process of fluid expansion.

Sports massage can be used to help improve sports performance or reduce risk of injury.  Pre-event, Recovery and Targeted Fascial Release for body balance to help reduce injuries are techniques utilized.  Each technique has specific goals for keeping tissue and muscles healthy and the combination can help to reduce the chances of injury and help improve the bodies overall abilities during sports performance.

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