Foundation training is more than exercise, it becomes a way of life.  Poor postural mechanics can contribute to a variety of aches and pains in your body putting undo stress on joints, muscles, nerves etc.  The more balanced your structure is, the less pain your body will have and healthier you will be as you continue to age.

Foundation Training focuses on postural reeducation with movement that facilitates decompression while stabilizing your spine through muscular strength utilizing your whole body in gravity allowing all systems of the body to function more efficiently. The focus of the exercise program is to teach your body to move and be stronger utilizing proper body mechanics while maintaining spinal decompression which translates to movement throughout the day saving wear and tear on joints, muscle and tissue.  Foundation Training can be done anywhere and does not require any props.

Changing postural patterns can take time.  This program if done in small doses throughout the day can help re-pattern postural mechanics in 90 days.  This means over time your body will start naturally preferring the new patterns over the old resulting in better overall health and body function.

Foundation Training sessions are offered as 30 or 45 minute Private Sessions – in person or Zoom, and 45 min or 60 min Group Sessions in person or Zoom.  Group classes are limited in size to allow for individual supervision for corrective movement assessment and education as well as to keep safe distancing due to COVID-19.

Please visit the Rates page to see all of the available options.  For classes go to the Calendar to see times and to reserve your spot.


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rolfer, rolfing, structural integration, massage, reflexology, reflexologist, craniosacral, michigan, oxford, rochester hills, foundation training, pain relief, back pain, pain managementOur advances in technology encourage us to be hunched over screens, devices, steering wheels and desks resulting in poor posture and inadequate strength to push back against gravity.  This can lead to degeneration of our joints, inefficiency of our muscles and pain.  Our constant forward postures combined with the pull of gravity compress our body which not only affects our spine and joints but the ability of all body systems to function at their most efficient level.  The front side of our body becomes tight and the back side of the body weak.Foundation training is about waking up the back side of the body to do what it was meant to do – hold us up in gravity!!!

Chronic pain or injuries change how we use our body and muscles resulting in compensation patterns, misalignments and other areas of pain that we didn’t have before.Foundation training consists of powerful movements which decompress the spine through powerful breathing techniques and activation of the pelvis and lower body to stabilize the spine.

When a structure is in proper alignment it moves as it is intended allowing full functional strength and mobility of muscles and joints.  This can significantly improve sports performance speed, power, endurance stamina and reduce chances of injury.

Who benefits – EVERYONE.  People with chronic pain or nagging injuries that don’t seem to go away, chronic body tightness, people with fatigue, difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, foot problems, shoulder issues, and athletes 

  • Strengthen your torso, pelvis and backside
  • Reactivate your hip for proper movement patterns
  • Decompress your spine and increase space in your torso
  • Increase breathing capacity and oxygen levels
  • Strengthen postural muscles in gravity
  • Improve mobility and efficiency of movement of the body
  • Decrease or eliminate pain
rolfer, rolfing, structural integration, massage, reflexology, reflexologist, craniosacral, michigan, oxford, rochester hills, foundation training, pain relief, back pain, pain management
PTA, MT, AT-Retired, Level 2 Certified Foundation Training Instructor

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